Frequently Asked Questions
What is Landmark Properties, LLC?

Landmark Properties, LLC is a real estate holding company. We purchase raw land and various other types of real estate across the United States and find new owners for these properties. All of the properties start at extremely low prices. If you would like to show interest in a particular property was have for sale, do so immediately.

Should I visit my property before buying?

YES, we strongly recommend that you inspect the property before buying. You should also check with the local zoning department to verify that you’ll be able to use the property as you see fit. The local planning and zoning departments will also be able to tell you about the current and future development plans for the area. While we will do our best to tell you everything we know about each property, nothing replaces the value of doing your own research and due diligence.

Are the mineral rights guaranteed for the properties?

Sellers make no guarantees concerning mineral rights or the lack thereof. If the Seller is aware of the lack of mineral rights, disclosure will be made in the disclosure statement of each of the properties. However, buyers should do their own research to find out if the property has mineral rights.

Who owns the properties being sold on this website?

All properties sold through this website are owned (FREE AND CLEAR) by Landmark Properties, LLC and other approved sellers, all of whom are available to answer questions about their properties. Landmark Properties, LLC is not a real estate brokerage, but the marketplace and brand name through which these properties are being sold.

How were these properties acquired?

The properties featured on this website were acquired from private parties from a tax sale or foreclosure sale. The majority of these properties are bought with Warranty Deeds (as opposed to Quit Claim Deeds or Tax Deeds, which are often hard to get title insurance for). Once purchased, it is our goal to pass these bargains along to the buyer.

Can I buy a property with seller financing?

Yes! Seller Financing is available on most of our properties with no qualifying necessary. We typically require 10% of the purchase price as a down payment, paid in cash, immediately following the sale of each property.


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