Even though most vacant lots are simple, there’s a lot to know about owning rural property and using it to its full potential.

Below are some helpful resources and information you can use to make the right decisions and develop the right long-term strategy for your land investing business.

50 Surprisingly Creative Ways to Use Raw Land: If you’re looking for ideas on how to use your property in accordance with your local zoning law, check out this fantastic list! 

15 Warning Signs to Watch for When Buying Land: There are a lot of “gotchas” in the land business. Be sure to protect yourself by watching out for these common pitfalls.

A High Level Overview of Various Land Markets Around the World: See what a unique perspective on many of the landscape around the globe.

26 Epic Insights All Real Estate Investors Need to Think About: Take a look at this time tested wisdom worth pondering.

Cash on Cash Return Calculator: What is it? Why does it matter? How do you calculate it? You’ll find all those answers in one place right here.


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